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Memory and change, sharing and competition

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The intensity of the archaeological research, especially over the last twenty years, has enabled important new discoveries that suggest new interpretative models. The most consistent documentation relating to the urban centers which developed during the late Bronze Age delineate a more complex framework on a regional scale. On the other hand, the growing attention given to the systematic investigation of the rural settlements and smaller centers of production of the Early and Middle Bronze Ages has allowed us to collect useful data for the reconstruction of the structure of the communities and the system of trade and relations which make up the connective network of the village communities. Alongside this growing interest, there is a new trend towards studying the dynamics of land use during the course of the Bronze Age, relying on the contextual spatial analysis of archaeological data. From this new perspective, the dynamics of the relationship between the inhabited area and the necropolis take on an important documentary value for the study of the slow process of the development of the city and its community during the Cypriote Bronze Age. The recovery, forty years later, of the results related to the first completed project of Italian archaeological research in Cyprus: the study of the "Necropoli a Mare" at Ayia Irini-Paleokastro, also ideally draws our attention to this topic. In this sense, the objective of this short study is to retrace the line which follows the development of the appointment of spaces between living area and necropolis, in terms of sharing or separation, trying, wherever possible, to interpret the dynamics of the process of urbanization on the most structured basis. The analysis is followed by the presentation of a case study of the South cemetery at Erimi-laonin tou Porakou, subject of a research project and excavation by the University of Florence, in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus.

Autore Luca Bombardieri
ISBN 9788897701033
N° Pagine 152
Misure (cm) 15x21
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